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Cushion gum rubber is utilized in the tire retreading process to provide a protective layer between the tire casing and the new tread rubber. It acts as a cushioning material, absorbing shocks and impacts, and promoting a secure bond between the tire casing and the tread.


During the retreading process, cushion gum rubber is applied to the buffed surface of the tire casing. It is typically in the form of a strip or sheet that is cut to fit the specific dimensions of the tire.


Cushion gum rubber possesses specific properties that make it suitable for its intended purpose. It has good adhesion characteristics, allowing it to bond effectively with both the tire casing and the subsequent layers of tread rubber. It also exhibits resilience and flexibility, enabling it to absorb vibrations and impacts encountered during tire operation.

Adhesive Properties

Cushion gum rubber is designed to work in conjunction with bonding agents or vulcanizing compounds. These compounds facilitate the bonding process by creating a strong and durable connection between the tire casing and the new tread rubber.

Thickness and Size

The thickness of the cushion gum rubber layer may vary depending on the specific tire retreading requirements. It is typically applied in a uniform thickness to ensure consistent performance and adequate protection.

Quality and Standards

Cushion gum rubber is manufactured in compliance with industry standards and quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and reliability in tire retreading applications.

Cushion gum rubber plays a crucial role in the retreading process, contributing to the overall durability, performance, and safety of retreaded tires. It helps extend the life of tire casings and reduces the need for new tire production, promoting sustainability in the tire industry.