our Products

These products provided by LMT cater to the needs of various industries, including the automotive and transportation sectors. With a focus on quality and performance, LMT aims to deliver reliable products that meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Precured Treads

Precured tread rubber is a specialized rubber compound used in the tire retreading process. It is designed to enhance the performance, durability, and safety of tires. Precured tread rubber is applied to the worn-out tread area of a tire, providing a new, high-quality tread surface. It offers excellent traction, resistance to abrasion, and improved handling characteristics.

Repair patches

Repair patches are adhesive materials used to fix punctures or damages in various objects, particularly in automotive and industrial applications. These patches are designed to provide a reliable and durable repair solution. They are commonly used to repair punctured tires, inflatable objects like air mattresses or balloons, and other materials such as rubber, fabric, or vinyl.

Cushion gum

Cushion gum is a specialized rubber compound used in the tire retreading process. It plays a vital role in reinforcing and protecting the tire casing during the retreading process. Here’s a short description of cushion gum:


By incorporating a camelback layer during the retreading process, tire retreaders can effectively extend the life of tire casings, reduce waste, and offer cost-effective alternatives to new tires while maintaining safety and performance standards.

BVC – Retreading Cement

Retreading cement is a critical component in the tire retreading process, contributing to the successful refurbishment of tire casings and the production of reliable retreaded tires. It enables the reuse of tire casings, reduces waste, and offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to new tires.