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A camelback refers to a specific component used in the tire retreading process. It is a critical part that plays a significant role in ensuring the integrity and performance of retreaded tires. Here’s some information about the camelback:



The camelback is a thick, specially formulated rubber compound that is applied to the crown area of a tire during the retreading process. It serves as a reinforcing layer, adding strength, stability, and durability to the retreaded tire.


The camelback is typically made of a high-quality rubber compound that exhibits excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and bonding properties. It is formulated to withstand the demanding conditions encountered by tires, providing enhanced performance and longevity.


The camelback is carefully applied to the crown area of the prepared tire casing. It is positioned between the buffed surface of the tire and the new tread rubber that will be applied later in the retreading process.


The camelback serves as a reinforcement layer, providing added strength and stability to the retreaded tire. It helps distribute load and stress evenly across the tire's surface, reducing the risk of tread separation and other potential failures.


The camelback is designed to bond securely with both the tire casing and the new tread rubber. This strong bond ensures that the retreaded tire performs effectively, maintaining its structural integrity even under challenging operating conditions.


Camelbacks are available in various sizes and profiles to match different tire types and sizes. This ensures proper fitment and compatibility with a wide range of tire casings, allowing for reliable and consistent retread results.

Quality Assurance

The application of the camelback is a crucial step in the retreading process. It requires skilled technicians and strict adherence to quality standards to ensure proper alignment, uniform thickness, and precise application.

By incorporating a camelback layer during the retreading process, tire retreaders can effectively extend the life of tire casings, reduce waste, and offer cost-effective alternatives to new tires while maintaining safety and performance standards.