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BVC – Retreading Cement

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Retreading cement, also known as tire retreading adhesive or vulcanizing cement, is a specialized adhesive used in the retreading process to bond the new tread rubber to the tire casing. Here are some key aspects of retreading cement:

Main Features


Retreading cement is designed to create a strong and durable bond between the new tread rubber and the tire casing. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of retreaded tires.


Retreading cement is typically composed of a blend of natural or synthetic rubber compounds, solvents, resins, and other additives. The specific formulation may vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications.


Retreading cement is applied to both the buffed surface of the tire casing and the bonding surface of the new tread rubber. The cement acts as an adhesive layer that allows the two surfaces to bond securely during the vulcanization process.


After the application of retreading cement, the tire casing and the new tread rubber are subjected to heat and pressure in a vulcanization process. This process causes the cement to cure and create a strong bond between the two components.

Quality and Standards

Retreading cement is manufactured according to industry standards and quality control measures to ensure proper bonding and reliable performance. Different types of retreading cement may be available to suit specific tire types, applications, and retreading processes.

Safety Considerations

When working with retreading cement, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Proper ventilation and protective equipment should be used to ensure safe handling and application of the cement.

Retreading cement is a critical component in the tire retreading process, contributing to the successful refurbishment of tire casings and the production of reliable retreaded tires. It enables the reuse of tire casings, reduces waste, and offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to new tires.